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When Not to Go Legal, or Even to Mediation

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The standard response in a dispute over children is to go to a solicitor. What folly and cost that can be for everyone involved. It is also a huge burden to a struggling legal aid system, in a county that is trapped in a Great Depression era moment.

An alternative to a solicitor is to go to a mediator, but that can be worse than a solicitor as there is such demand for mediators, and in my experience, they aren’t much use to man nor beast when you get there. Sorry all you mediators out there, but in my experience its true. You try so hard to be impartial that you get hamstrung even when confronted with bare faced lies. There is an additional problem in that you are mostly from Helen’s Bay, and your clients are more Tigers Bay, so it’s a mismatch and children, parents, and other relatives are being badly served as a result.

” So brainbox, what do you suggest?? Huh…huh?” .

Well Mr or Mrs Heckler, I suggest a community level solution. People trained to resolve disputes on the Shankill and Falls and other working class areas throughout the UK. People with experience of rearing children who can knock heads together. Straight talkers who take no BS. A peoples court, for the people, by the people, of the people and accountable to the people. Not another elite of judges, lawyers, social workers and mediators, all people who are unable to understand the position that the working class parent finds themselves in at that time.

Here’s the catch. The existing elites don’t want it to happen, as they need your money to drive flash cars with personalised number plates, and to send their children to fee paying schools. And they don’t like it up them. They love the conflict of family law, with the public and private payers money rolling into their bank accounts. While you cant get to tuck your kids up in bed, and suffer delay after delay.

Let’s hit them where it hurts, in the client account. Solve it yourself. It’s not that difficult to do. We do it at www.familycourtsupport.co.uk



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  • Aki Widad March 8, 2013, 3:19 am

    and G’day from NZ, AKI Widad is doing similar things over in NZ and there are many similarities between the systems.
    My golden rule to Dads who need help is “use the system, don’t let the system use you.”
    Regards Ken aka AKI Widad