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No sombrero required

Regular readers will remember the Mexican stand-off I had with Master Redpath a few weeks back.

Was back in front of him today and had a totally different experience, and in the interests of fairness I thought I should tell you about it.

A very endearing barrister came round and spoke with me. No posturing about ‘I can’t talk with you, as you are only a McKenzie friend’. They spoke with me about the case and we reached a level of agreement about how to proceed.

He then spoke with the Master’s clerk and we got in at the end of the callover. And the extremely busy Master allowed two McKenzie friends in and it was all very civil, as it should be.

I don’t want to name the barrister as they may get ribbed for being so civil, but their name has been noted, and next time a client needs a calm, professional counsel, that person’s name will be foremost in my mind.

The sooner counsel ‘court’ professional McKenzie friends the better it will be for their business.

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