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Beautician with Right of Audience trounces counsel

Wonderfully inspiring account of how a 23 year beautician from Essex was granted a Right of Audience (from this account it would seem that it was a Discretionary Right of Audience,  as story doesn’t say she was a party) to advocate her mother’s case on appeal against a major firm of builders and their lawyers – and won. Georgina Blackwell, 23, acted for her mother in a right of access dispute with Bellway Homes, one of the country’s largest home-builders.

Or should I say that’s what the Daily Mail says…

The Halstead Gazette says differently suggesting that the matter was a contract dispute, and Georgina was a litigant in person as the action was against her.

More news when we have it. If anyone knows Georgina then perhaps they would ask her to do a piece for the blog??

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