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“Bird nesting”

Now before you all start leaving in droves thinking McKenzie has gone all ornithological, best you have a look here and then come back to the blog for some comment…

I first heard this supposed shared parenting arrangement mentioned at the Family Court in Ithaca, New York in 2003, and like the guys at CustodyCoach.com I have some doubts about the workability of an arrangement where the kids stay in a house, and the parents come when it is their turn to enjoy some parenting time.

Although I share some of their suspicions, I have additional concerns over and above those identified by the guys at CustodyCoach.com. I would be worried that the child or children would be very much in the driving seat and both parents would be little more than paying carers. Plus the need for three houses makes it an option only for the rich, unless poor dad lives in a tent after separation or divorce. I have a theory that a lot of these ideas are based on parents and children consuming more. Three houses, three TV’s, three electric and phone bills…you get the drift. Great for the economy, not great for disposable income.

Another issues is that it is bad enough having a child say ‘ I want to go back to mum’s’ after you have put them to bed early for misbehaving, but can you imagine having your child say to you ‘I want mummy back ! ‘ or ‘Get out of my house !’.  Great for the Kiddie Libbers but not great for parents.

Those damn Yanks and their kooky ideas!!! Let hope that it never takes on over here, but I have a sneaking suspicion that now we have broken the story in the UK, the judiciary will be hoping that theoretical ‘bird nesting’ makes it to the High Court or above to lay down another option to replace traditional two home Shared Residence. We all know children just cannot cope with going between two houses…not!

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