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CAFCASS publishes operating priorities until March 2010

Supposed to reduce the backlog and balance the budget. In reality this could be the beginning of the end for CAFCASS as a reporting body within the courts in private law cases, as cutting services to save money will store up trouble for itself in the future under Labour; and should the Tories form the next government it could be part-privatisation or more for this failing body.

If I were involved in NYAS I would be working on a  business plan to present to government that would make CAFCASS’ position untenable.

My only caveat is that anyone from CAFCASS or Social Services who applies for a job with NYAS has to be interviewed by a panel of stakeholders with the officer’s case files being examined at length by the stakeholders before any appointment is contemplated, never mind confirmed. A five day interview process, all video recorded should suffice.

Oh and wet sponges and stocks…

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