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Welcome to our McKenzie Friend blog

This blog is an attempt to collate all the McKenzie friend news, mutterings, training opportunities and anything remotely McKenzie friend or personal litigant related that is happening in the UK.

Currently the blog is primarily about McKenzie friends who assist in family courts in England and Wales and Northern Ireland. Some are full time McKenzie Friends, some are part time, some charge fees, some charge expenses and some maybe have other incomes and are completely free.

You can also follow us on Twitter, and we will be micro-blogging direct from courts all over the UK… well, that is with the exception of Scotland of course! That’s because some policy makers in Scotland  are slightly behind the rest of the UK in understanding the vital role that McKenzie Friends play in courts, and how their role is consistent with a personal litigant’s fair trial rights under article 6 of the ECHR. We wont be taking the lead in blogging about McKenzie friends in Scotland as Peter Cherbi a campaigner from Edinburgh is on the ground and authors a blog titled “A Diary of Injustice in Scotland” .

However the disenfranchised in Scotland can be sure that those of us who have fought for years to get to where we are in England and Wales will be right behind any effort to ensure our Scottish cousins get proper access to justice.

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